Recording: $50 per Hour

Mixing: $300 - $500 per track

Mastering: $125 per track

Live Band: $750 & Up (depending on venue)

Rehearsal: $20 per Hour (2hr min.)

* Re-Booking available on cancellation - No refund

Studio Booking Rate              $50.00/hr.


Studio Booking includes studio use, and basic equipment and an engineer.


Studio work may have special pricing, for example, items such as CD's, DVD's,  Studio Musicians Fees, Multi-track Recorder Fees, etc... will be an extra price.


Booking may be done at the hourly studio rate or by reserved prepaid blocktime.     Order Online Here



Pre-Paid Block Time: *Discounted


Paid prior to recording date via online booking  -  or pay by cash before starting the recording session.


Saturday sessions $200 minimum (4 hour Block) booked in advance

Conveniently Reserve Studio Time:

4 Hour +



=  $40 per hr

Zion Mountain Records

1479 Sterling PL

Brooklyn, NY 11213


Phone: 347-533-4910


4 Hour Block=$200.00

6 Hour Block=$300.00

8 Hour Block=$410.00

10 Hour Block=$500.00

12 Hour Block=$650.00

16 Hour Block=$810.00

20 Hour Block=$1,000.00

30 Hour Block=$1,500.00

40 Hour Block=$2,000.00